writer-flyingMatthew has been writing music since childhood. Though he never expected it to become part of his career, it was always something he took very seriously and was able to use as a tool for self-expression. Being a keen song-writer and having won numerous awards in the UK Songwriting Contest, Matthew had always wanted to combine his love of words with his experience in Choral Music. Some of his choral compositions were performed by the Spirit of Life Youth Choir (now the Academy of Sacred Music), most notably Jubilate which was performed for an Epiphany Trust convention in the House of Lords.

His Choral Drama Such is the Kingdom was performed in Glasgow Cathedral with the Bannerman Learning Community as part of a major collaborative project in January 2013. 

Matthew regularly composes film music, especially for his brother Phil Todd (a former Digital Film and Television Student of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland). Philip is now a professional actor:

One of Matthew's compositions can be purchased here:

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